Design Options

Leaded bay window

Leaded Glass

Leaded Designs

Leaded Glass in double-glazing is an effect which is achieved by lead strips being glued to the external side of the glass. The main patterns are diamond, square and rectangle, but basically any design can be produced. If your leaded glass needs to be replaced, the existing design will be matched as closely as possible.

Patio Door with Georgian Bars

Georgian Bars

Georgian bars are a traditional design feature. The bars are in various widths and generally the same colour as the frame. Some of the possible designs are border design, gothic arch, gothic half arch, gothic double arches, or Georgian square with gothic arch.

Duplex Grille

Window with Victorian grille

Similar to Georgian bars are Victorian grilles. The grilles are generally in chrome or gold finish and come in 6mm or 8mm widths. Possible designs are for example victorian or gothic arches, double gothic arches, or victorian grille.

Spacer Bars

The spacer bar is the frame which separates the two glass panes in a double glazing unit. Aluminium spacers are most commonly used and recognizable by their silver colour. Spacer bars are also available in bronze or gold finish.

Windows with a higher energy rating, using Low-E glass with or without Argon gas filling, typically use a different material to improve the thermal isolation of the sealed units. These spacer bars are available in black or grey.

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