Improve your Windows and Doors

Leaded window with beads

Whether parts need to be replaced because they are broken, or you would like a new look, or upgrade functionality or security, Window Repair Cumbria is there to help and advise.

If you have broken or tarnished handles, new handles can be installed to your existing frames. Or if you want to change the appearance of your windows and doors with a more modern handle or a different finish, we have dozens of handles to choose from in a variety of finishes.

Eurocylinder TypesTypes of Eurocylinder lock barrels

We can also upgrade the locks on your existing windows and doors, or install a new locking gear or additional security devices. We can also fit secure eurocylinder lock barrels in your doors for extra peace of mind.

In most cases we can also upgrade your glass units to give you equivalent performance to A rated windows. There are many other options to enhance the functionality or look of your windows, for example by using low-maintenance glass or adding design features like leaded or beaded designs or Georgian bars.

Cat FlapCat Flaps

We can also fit cat flaps or dog doors in most of doors or even windows and patio doors.

And we have a wide range of door panels to choose from to give your door a completely new look without replacing the whole door.

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