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Sealed Glass UnitSealed Glass Unit

The glass in a double glazed window is called a sealed unit. The basic sealed unit comprises two sheets of glass separated by a spacer bar. The units are sealed and the air between the glass is kept moisture free.

Over the years different designs have been used to improve the performance of the sealed units, but various factors can result in a break of the seal and moisture can penetrate into the unit. When the unit cools down condensation forms inside the unit. An effect often described as steamed, misty or cloudy window.

Whether the seal has broken down or the glass itself is broken, there is no need to replace the whole window. You can keep the frame and just replace the glass unit.

Broken Glass Unit Misted Glass UnitSealed Glass Unit Replacement

New sealed units are made to measure at the factory and come with a new factory warranty. A replacement unit is usually fitted in less than an hour.

If you have a broken unit, you can request a free no obligation quotation online or just give us a call. We will measure the exact size of the sealed unit and provide you with a free, no obligation quotation for the replacement. A replacement is usually completed within 7 to 10 days of your order being received and installed at a time convenient for you.

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