Window, Door and Conservatory Repairs

PVC is a popular material for today's windows. PVC windows do not require much regular maintenance, painting or weatherproofing and will provide you with years and years of trouble free service.

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But some problems can develop over time. Handles that have begun to stick, windows or doors do not close properly or are locked shut, rubber seals between frame and glass have become loose or broken, letter plates have fallen off. The list can be long, but most problems can be repaired or replaced cost effectively.

All PVCu products, no matter the manufacturer, installer, age, size or location, all problems will be reviewed by Window Repair Cumbria and we will give you a quote for the repair.

Your installer may not have included a warranty, or the guarantee has expired, or the company has even gone out of business. We specialice in repair, and will not try to sell you a new window or door. We are passionate about repair. We are also happy to provide you with a repair quote, if you claim the cost from your home insurance.

Over the years millions of people had windows, doors and conservatories fitted by countless local and national companies. Each company has used different window systems with different mechanisms to produce their product. Many parts are not standardised and have been supplied by many manufacturers, while some companies have produced their own parts. And designs have changed over time to improve looks or security.

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We can rectify many problems on our first visit, and we have many parts in stock. However, if we do not have replacement parts, we will take the exact measurements and try to identify the correct part or a suitable alternative from our suppliers. We will then provide you with a quote, so you can decide whether you want us to order the part.

We are fully trained, experienced and insured to complete all of our services - at affordable and competitive rates. No job is too small, and all work is carried out with the same care and attention.

Our repairs can get you many more years from your window, door or conservatory. And why not think about refurbishment or upgrades to improve your installations?

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Window Repairs

Below are examples of repairs we carry out on all types of UPVC windows (casement, tilt and turn, french windows, sliding sash, etc.):

  • Broken or misted sealed units
  • Broken hinges
  • Broken or tarnished Handles
  • Missing, shrunk, damaged rubber seals
  • Resealing of frames inside and out
  • Realignment of openers
  • Locking devices or restrictors fitted
  • Frames or sills dented or scratched

Door Repairs

Here are examples of our range of door repairs on all types of UPVC doors (front doors, back doors, composite doors, stable doors, french doors, inline sliding patio doors, tilt and slide patio doors, folding doors):

  • Door barrel lock replacement
  • Realignment of doors
  • Broken hinges
  • Broken or tarnished Handles
  • Adjustment of locking mechanism
  • Resealing of frame or panel inside and out
  • Replacement of door panels
  • New or replacement cat flaps
  • New or replacement dog doors
  • New replacement locks & keys
  • Patio, French & front doors
  • Patio door tracks & rollers

Conservatory Repairs

All window and door repairs apply to conservatories. In addition we also fix leaks in conservatory roofs or replace polycarbonate roof sheets.

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